Jack Loftis, PhD, has been trading this highly back-tested ETF Swing Trading (EST) approach for over 5 years with a greater than 90% win rate. He has put into action a variety of strategies based on a mean reversion approach, and finetuned the “theoretical” into a highly “practical” trading methodology that should be part of every trading program.

ETFSwingTrader is based on strategies first introduced by Larry Connors in 2008, which mechanically tested at an 80% win rate. Over the years we have refined this methodology based on past performance of specific ETFs, intermarket interactions and other algorithms to regularly trade at over 90% win rate. In addition, we have seen where these strategies can falter, and have modified our trading to reflect the realities of the marketplace. Accordingly, we have developed an approach to selecting and combining trades to minimize Risk as we maximize Performance.

We only present trades that we are taking ourselves, and every trade entry is made with Market On Close orders, so everyone gets the same trade. We allocate 10% of our entire account to each trade — which we could only do if we were confident of wining 9 out of 10 trades on average.

This service is long on actual trades, and short on market analysis. We present each trade with precise action steps, explain our high probability trade setup, and discuss just enough of the overall Market to provide a context for our trade. If you spend some time following these trades, you should be able to create similar trades yourself.

Most importantly, the ETFSwingTrader objective is to generate a high percentage of winning trades. Traders are encouraged to develop their own way of leveraging these trades to reap outstanding profits. One example is to use the basic ETF trades to identify OPTION trades. Through our new Options Service we now provide examples of such trades.