Performance Summary (first 50 trades)

Win Rate
0 %
Avg Profit per Trade​
0 %
Total Portfolio Profit
0 %

The First 50 trades were posted in “real time” on Twitter and StockTwits before we executed the trades for our own account. Trade entries were always posted 30 minutes before market Close, so that Market on Close orders could be placed. (We all get the same fills.) Most exits were also posted 30 minutes before Close. Sometimes Exits were placed as Limit orders for intraday exits. (Subsequent to these initial 50, we posted another 50 trades, maintaining our 92% win rate. After pausing to build this web site, we posted another 30 trades before having a loss.)

These trades took place in up, down, and sideways markets.

Cumulative Profit Curve

Consistent performance

Small drawdowns