How this service works

These days I am doing all trades, updates, and charts via email.

Each day, if there is a new trade I will send out a Trade Setup email sometime before the Final Trade email. It will have a chart and full explanation of the rationale for the trade. No “black box” trades. 

By an hour before market close, I send out my Final Trade for the day. This has any new trade, and what action (or non-action) I am taking on current trades. Usually there is a brief Comment. And usually I begin getting this email out an hour and a half before market close. These ETF trades are done with Market on Close orders, so there is no intraday timing required. Fidelity lets me put in these orders anytime up until 20 minutes before the Close, so I don’t feel rushed. 

I try to have only 2-4 trades going at a time, so this is a very focused approach to swing trading.

Sometime after the end of trading, I put out my After the Bell email. This statuses every trade, and includes the Charts of the Day, with comment on each chart. So you have access easily to charts of my trades, without having to set up your own.