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  • Highly researched methodology
  • Disciplined Approach
  • Consistent Results
  • High probability set-ups for OPTION trades
  • “Mean Reversion” ETF strategies
  • Actual trades with a clear rationale
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 • 80 – 90% Win Rate
• Strategies specifically created for ETFs
• Leveraged ETF trades for increased profits
• Highly researched, data-driven method
• Focused trades, 2-3 per week
• Profit in UPtrending, DOWNtrending, and Sideways markets
• Maximize portfolio performance & minimize portfolio risk
• ETF Options trading service available

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"Thanks again for XIV and DXJ........ GREAT DAY for me!"
Fred Haughty
"Since I started trading with you in October [2 months] I’ve done over 10% average return on my trades with better than 90% winners. Thanks."
Mary Selencia
"Thanks for all the great trades the past week. I was anxious going into Friday... But your system rules proved right."
John Holden